Aldi you’ve done it again!

I always love when Coeliac Awareness week comes around because:

1. Heaps of things go on sale
2. Aldi brings out a whole new range of stock (whether they keep it as regular stock is another issue)

I did not see as many GF items on sale as I did last year in Coles and Woolies. However, Aldi really blew my mind this year. They had a CRAZY range of items they brought out in their “Has No…” brand. Here are the ones I can remember:

  • Butter shortbread
  • Vanilla happy face cookies
  • Muffin mix
  • Chocolate and double chocolate brownie mix
  • Pancake mixes of different flavours
  • Cake mixes of different flavours
  • Pasta: chilli penne, rigatoni, lasagna sheets and garlic and parsley pasta
  • Falafel mix
  • Rice crumbs
  • Doughnut mix
  • Cereal: GF cocopops and GF fruit loops

I really had to hold back as I wanted to try everything there but it would have cost a bomb. I ended up purchasing the coco pops cereal, the falafel mix, shortbread, garlic and parsley pasta and the doughnut mix.


Some of the spoils


I haven’t tried everything yet but I can say the I really like the shortbread. It is just like shortbread! Buttery, smooth, sweet, crumbly… oh man yummo!

The GF coco pops were also pretty darn good, almost exactly the same as the branded one. Only thing is that it is not as sweet, which is probably a good thing! I want to finish it but it wouldn’t be fair for my boyfriend to go without breakfast.

I also tried the falafel mix. When I poured the out the mix into a bowl I was hit was such an amazing, full bodied aroma of all the spices. The falafels are really tasty, however quite dry. I am not sure if I needed a bit more water or a bit of oil but it’s nothing that a bit of hommus didn’t fix!


Blotting the falafels!

I’m such a keen bean to try the rest of my purchases. Will probably update you all on how they go, probably delicious which is what I have associated with the “Has No…” brand. Let me know if you have tried anything else!


***Originally published Mar 2014 on my previous blog***


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