Bamiyan – Five Dock

My boyfriend recently picked up a take away menu for an Afghan restaurant and to our surprise they specifically mention on the back that they do gluten free meals. Not only that they state that they make each meal fresh in a new pan so less contamination! We knew then and there we had to try it. I had a look online and read a few great reviews so I was really interested how this style of food tastes.




We didn’t end up going to the restaurant so unfortunately I can’t tell you about the ambience. That night we decided to stay in and order take away. Unfortunately we didn’t quite time the order that well and ended up ordering in peak time so we didn’t get our meal for over an hour. Luckily we pre-snacked!

We ordered the Gosht Cauliflower Korma Pallow and the Chicken Sabzi Challow. The first one is a beef korma with cauliflower served with pallow rice. It is the red coloured curry with a full meaty flavour but not spicy like some Indian curries. The curries are actually quite oily but it seriously tasted so good that we finished all the sauce with the rice! My palate is not accustomed with all the spices and flavours in curries from this region so I can’t tell you what is in it. What I can tell you is that the meat was cubed and there was a decent amount in the serving (there actually wasn’t much cauliflower) however, it was a little tough. Maybe it was the cut, maybe it wasn’t stewed for hours… nevertheless was still a tasty morsel. This was served with a yellow rice that was spiced with cumin and cardamon and coloured with saffon. I’m not so used to the spices in my rice but it went well with the strong curry. This one had a sort of citrus-y tinge to it from one of the spices.


The other dish was the Chicken Sabzi Challow. This is a curry chicken with spinach served with challow rice (white rice with cumin). This rice was plainer than the other which is why I preferred this one. It also didn’t have that citrus taste, with my powers of deduction the citrus taste was due to the addition of cardamon. This curry was the only one I had ever heard of (other than the korma). I first heard of “sabzi” in a Persian episode of Food Safari and they were saying it’s a very popular dish, so I was very keen to try it. It turned out to be our favourite. The curry is also not spicy but the flavours are a lot more mild and less bold as the other meaty curry. The spinach was also a tasty addition to break up all the meat. The chicken was soft, tender and boneless.


I was a bit bummed out that they didn’t deliver lassi’s (a yoghurt drink) because I had never tried cherry, which is the flavour they offered. That said, we couldn’t finish all the food and were super super stuffed at the end. It was probably better that I didn’t fill up on the drink! It really was a really delicious meal and we are definitely going to dine in at the restaurant some day soon!


***Originally published Apr 2014 on my previous blog***


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