Brodburger – Canberra

My boyfriend and I went down to Canberra for a weekend to attend a lovely wedding in the north of the city. After a night of good food, which included a gluten free layer of the wedding cake for two attending coeliacs who needless to say went to town on it, and wine we decided to meet a friend of mine for some burgers at a place he highly recommended. Brodburger is an extremely busy burger joint and locals say they serve the best burgers in the city. It is located right next to a farmer’s and craft market in Kingston, Canberra, which is quite convenient as there is generally over a 30min wait for your food. I usually don’t like to wait too long for my meal but my friend assured me it is well worth it.


Brodburger has been previously reviewed by another coeliac blogger making it an easy choice for us to go and try. At the counter we were told that they had gluten free buns available for an additional $1.20 and they assured us that they cook the patties on a separate area to the buns to minimise cross-contamination. I ordered the original Brodburger which is a beef burger with tomato, lettuce, spanish onion, aioli, tomato relish and your choice of blue, brie, cheddar or swiss cheese. Of course I go for blue cheese, my fave! I also get a side of 6 onion rings which come with a little container of aioli.


After we order, we are told that the wait is about 30-40mins and are given a buzzer. My friend tells us that the range of the buzzer should include part of the market area so we head over to check it out. After about half an hour we come back and we wait about 5mins before our buzzer goes off. We pick up our burgers and head over to the nearby waterside to devour everything (or in my case, attempt to). I pick out my burger and find that it is actually quite large and heavy. The bread is soft and the patty is juicy and well seasoned. I’m told that the burger patties are cooked to order to keep them fresh and that they are the pride and joy of the restaurant. The blue cheese melts and mellows out the acidity of the tomato and the punch of the onion. All the flavours just blend together into a heavenly bite each time. The onion rings are large and covered in a light, crispy batter that just tastes amazing with the aioli. As with most onion rings, there is a LOT of batter which soaks up quite a fair bit of oil. I would probably steer clear if you aren’t a fan of oily food.



My boyfriend ordered the Brodchicken burger which has a butterflied chicken breast (not a patty!), avocado, lettuce, spanish onions, tomato, bacon, aioli, tomato relish and again your choice of cheese. I only had a quarter of my burger and he had already finished his! Must have been just as good as mine! He found that the burger was quite filling and was glad he didn’t order a side to go with it!


Here is my burger half way though, so so so good!


This place really does serve some of the best burgers I have ever had. The price is a little expensive if you think about the price of pub food but is on par with a lot of “gourmet” burger places. For me the price is pretty good for how amazing the burgers are (and you probably only need to get the burger because it is so filling)! Also, my boyfriend didn’t get sick so it means we have another place to eat at when we go back down to Canberra woop woop!

For the menu and about Brodburger you can have a look at their website here:


***Originally published Jul 2014 on my previous blog***


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