Cake Mania – Parramatta

It has been a while since my last post so I thought I would give you a quick heads up about a bakery in Parramatta who do really good and very decently priced GF cakes! I’ve ordered cakes there on two different occassions, once for my birthday and the other for my boyfriend’s birthday. Both times I received a delicious, beautiful and NON CONTAMINATED cake! My boyfriend who is a coeliac had both and did not get sick.

The shop is has a plain front, just off Church Street Mall. I always saw it closed when I was taking the bus out of Parramatta on the commute home. What grabbed my eye was the massive GLUTEN FREE sign and so I really had to investigate it! When I first called I was really hesitant to buy a cake from them because I was scared cross contamination could easily occur in a bakery. They also make lots of other special occasion cakes which look really really pretty! When I called up they were really helpful and assured me that they make the gluten free cakes first thing to minimise the risk of contamination from flour in the air.

The first time I ordered it was for a super yummy black forest cake. It was massive! I ordered the large size and I think it fed 15-20 people. The cake was super light and spongy so it could soak up a lot of syrup! Lots of cream, lots of chocolate what more could you ask for! I wanted to go back for seconds but unfortunately it was all gone. Don’t eat this one everyday if you want to stay slim!

The second time I ordered a banana cake with writing at no extra cost. The cake was denser than the black forest but by no means like a brick. I really enjoyed the banana cake but I was secretly hoping it would be with real banana like banana bread. Alas it was banana flavouring… I still loved it any way! Unlike other GF cakes it was pretty moist!


I really have found a great baker who I can trust to make quality and truely GF cakes for all the birthdays and occasions I will ever need. The range is quite large and I still have a lot to try. I will keep you all posted when I get the next cake!

For a list of prices and cakes available check out Cake Mania here:

Also, regularly check their site because they sometimes have specials. One time I received 20% off just for printing out a voucher on the site!


***Originally published Mar 2014 on my previous blog***


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