Chattie’s Komachi

Last year at the Gluten Free Expo I was talking to a Japanese lady about her rice based pasta and breads. I was looking through some old flyers I picked up from that day and found out that they had opened a cafe. I had to take my bike in for service in Chatswood so I thought it would be a good excuse to try out their food. The lady was really helpful with advising us what could be made gluten free or not. She said the laksa “should be” fine, she didn’t think that there was any gluten but I will never know… She used thin rice noodles for me (vermicelli) but it’s hard to say since I am not coeliac. I feel like she knew what she was talking about but just had difficulty fully expressing herself in English (she’s Japanese). For $12 I got this MASSIVE bowl of laksa (all laksa was $12 even if you picked seafood!). The vermicelli noodles also pack together a lot more efficiently than fatter noodles so there was HEAPS in there. Being of Malaysian background, I am a little picky with my laksa but this one was pretty good! It was quite spicy with lots of flavour but unfortunately no fried onion. The shredded spring onions added a lot of yummy freshness!

Chicken Laksa

Chicken Laksa

The staff told us that they have gluten free pizza bases and bread that was made with high quality rice flour imported from Japan. We were surprised when they gave us a piece of bread to try. It was sooooooooooooooooo soft, completely opposite to ALL the GF breads you could ever buy. Almost like a sponge cake, well a little more dense than that. The bread was actually quite sweet, a lot like other breads from asian bakeries. It reminded me of these rice cakes we used to eat a kids. They were steamed rice cakes that were actually quite oily but so delicious. This probably is way more healthy for you with the same taste!

Rice flour bread

Rice flour bread…well what was left of it

My boyfriend tried out the cakes they had on offer which were majority gluten free and dairy free. He bought the coffee swiss roll. I stole a bit and I can tell you now, that it was REALLY good. Both the cake and the cream were very light so you could eat the whole roll and not notice it. I didn’t try the cream puff but I was told that it was “sooo good”. They also had cheesecake which I wanted to try but unfortunately the laksa was too filling for me to fit it in. He didn’t complain to me of feeling “glutened” so I that’s a good sign!

Gluten free cakes!

Gluten free cakes!

We didn’t get a chance to ask if they sold the bread but I would like to see if we can just buy the bread on its own. If not maybe we can buy the rice flour that they use and see if they will divulge their secret recipe!


***Originally published Sep 2013 on my previous blog***


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