GF Cereals – breakfast has never tasted so good!

I have only recently embraced cereal as my staple for breakfast. I’m Asian, and this may sound so stereotypical but I used to eat noodles or rice for breakfast. Cereal had never kept me full till lunch time which is why I never liked eating it. Now however I have gotten lazy and don’t want to cook anything for breakfast so I reluctantly turned back to cereal. I thought there would be limited options for GF cereals but boy was I wrong. I’m not one to eat super healthy, I like things that taste good but I sometimes find health food so bland.

I’ve noticed that most GF cereals always tasted bland and a lot of other health foods. I wasn’t complaining BUT no one really likes to eat cardboard for breakfast right? Eat something delicious and you will be setting yourself up for a good day! Recently, there has been a surge of generic brand cereals. Woolworths have the “Macro” brand, Coles have the “Simply” one and then there’s my favourite Aldi “Has No…” brand. I always like home brands because more time than not, they taste almost exactly the same as the branded product.

Here are a few of my favourite cereals at the moment:

Black and Gold’s Cocoa Orbits. I can’t say they are better than Coco Pops but they do come very close, they only fall short because its not as sweet (and that’s probably a good thing).


Black & Gold’s Cocoa Orbits

Has No… Cornflakes are the first cornflakes I have eaten that are as crispy and light as the Kellogg’s brand. Unlike a lot of other GF corn flakes they are not as thick. Very “flaky”!


Has No…’s Corn Flakes

Has No… Berry Museli is not really museli because it has no GF oats (well that’s what I see as the main component of museli) but wow! WOW!!! Excuse my enthusiasm, but these have to be the BEST cereal I have EVER had, including ones made from wheat. With each mouthful so much going on. Texture wise there are rice puffs nestled next to cornflakes with some weird fruit loop looking thing. Taste wise, its pretty sweet (just the way I like it) with all sorts of dried fruits. I didn’t pay attention to what they were but I’m guessing berries, oh so delicious berries.


Has No…’s Berry Museli

Whilst I have always been a keen advocate for generic brands I am so excited to try all the GF products on offer. Let me know what cereals are your favourites, I’m always keen to try new things!


*** Originally published Aug 2013 on my previous blog***


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