Has No… Donut Mix

I bought this Has No… doughnut mix AGESSSSS ago during Coeliac Awareness Week at Aldi. We decided to try it out before I went on my elimination diet where I would be restricted to a landscape of blandness. Surprisingly this is gluten free, egg free and a whole lotta free (except dairy – sorry!).


Aldi’s GF donut mix

The prep is very very simple, just add water! We fried small balls off in a small saucepan of rice bran oil till they were golden. Some were a little too golden as we really lacked in the deep frying experience. There is a lot more cinnamon sugar than is required but I’d keep that to sprinkle on french toast or just plain toast… or just to dip your finger and eat it! It’s that good! Unfortunately, a combination of us probably over cooking the doughnuts and it being a GF mix led to the interior being a little on the dry side. The exterior was pretty crunchy so we could have backed off on the cooking time to have a softer doughnut. These also kept well till the next day. We didn’t test how much longer than that because we ate them pretty quickly. A very delicious substitute for those with doughnut cravings! Let me know if you can make them in the classic doughnut shape, we could only just dollop the mix in so they came out very “organic” and “rustic” in shape.


The spoils!


***Originally published Nov 2014 on my previous blog***


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