Imperial Bakery: Take two!

I really wanted to try more GF products at Imperial so a week later I found another reason to drop by. This time, I donated blood early on a Saturday morning and decided to take a short detour to Rydalmere. It turned out to be not so short because I made a wrong turn and I had to drive around trying to find the place! Eventually I found it and I was greeted by the same man, never got his name but I can always find out next time I go. He remembered me from the previous week and asked me if I rode my bike over. I always get a warm fuzzy feeling when someone remembers me, so when people do I always give them special attention.

They didn’t have all the same items as last time so it must be what is left over from the week.

I was really really keen to try the garlic bread ($6 for 2) after having some at 3one7 (A restaurant on Church St in Parramatta). So after baking it on lowish heat we pulled out this baby…

Garlic bread

Garlic bread

The roll is quite small compared to those you find in the supermarket but was almost the same taste wise. The bread seemed a little thin but it was really crusty, just the way I like it. Probably if we baked it for a shorter time it would be more bread like. It had lots of butter but I would have preferred a little more garlic and maybe some herbs. I LOVE garlic so maybe it didn’t need more. Very very tasty, and just writing this reminded me that I should still have the other roll in the freezer. WIN!

The blueberry muffins you can buy alone($4) or in a pack of 6 ($15). They are pretty big so I just bought one to try first. When I saw it, it looked a little on the dark side but it definitely did taste burnt at all. It is a little eggy in taste, similar to sponge cupcakes that you find in the Vietnamese bakery. The eggy-ness caught me a bit off guard but was tasty, moist and great texture.


Blueberry muffin

Blueberry muffin

My boyfriend and I had some afternoon tea and we tried out the vanilla log. Again the texture is really good and the cake not too sweet so we could easily eat the whole thing in one go but we were so full from lunch that day. So yummy!!!

Vanilla log

Vanilla log


***Originally published Aug 2013 on my previous blog***


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