Imperial Gluten Free Bakery – Rydalmere

Tucked away in a small suburb on the cusp of the industrial area is this little gem. I used to pass this bakery all the time on the train and have been meaning to check it out for months. I finally got on my bike and rode there on a nice sunny Saturday morning. This place is located right next to Rydalmere station, tucked away from the bustling James Ruse Drive and Victoria Roads. The exterior doesn’t look like much but I find that usually the best food is found without all the fancy trimmings.


The shop/warehouse

I’ve read a few blogs and apparently Imperial supply a lot of restaurants with pizza bases and breads so I was keen to check them out. They used to have a website (I can’t seem to find it any more) and on there they used to let you order online and have it delivered. Perhaps they don’t do that anymore but you can always call them to find out and see what products they have available. They man who served me was really friendly and he told me that they only bake gluten free products here so no chance for contamination!


Give them a call they are really friendly!

Inside is not much, just a few racks of different kinds of baked goods, a few freezers and fridges. Nonetheless, quite a lot of selection in terms of gluten free products. From what I remember I saw white and multigrain loaves of bread. I purchased the white this time but I will definitely go back to sample the multigrain next time. Chocolate, vanilla and marble loaves were a plenty. There was super dark banana bread loaves, a bit dear at $12 a loaf, so I passed this time (I also have heaps of bananas at home to make my own banana bread) but am keen to try it. There were pizza bases and HEAPS of muffins plus frozen meat pies and garlic bread. I am not sure if there are more products available during the week but there was plenty to get me started.

So I decided on a white bread loaf ($6), the marble loaf ($6) and a frozen meat pie ($4). I did want to buy one of everything but since I rode my bike there I thought I better just try a few things first, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to carry it home.


The spoils

I was really excited to try the bread. Unlike the other breads I have purchased from the supermarkets, it was NOT a brick. The texture was soft and springy and it was quite a lot bigger than supermarket breads, telling me that the dough had risen. When I first pulled it out there was an odour that I was not quite accustomed to. Not bad, but just odd. Perhaps remnants of vinegar and other things to make the bread rise. The texture on the tongue is by far a lot more like bread than others I have had. Spongy, but breaks up on your tongue easily and with very regular sized holes formed in the production process. I had it toasted as well for a cheese melt and it was pretty darn good!


Gluten free white bread

Next was the marble loaf. I really liked it because it was not too sweet. I usually find cakes VERY sweet and so I tend not to really eat them, however this one really was in my preferred range for sweetness. So if you LOVE super sweet things like condensed milk, you may find it lacking a lil somethin’ somethin’. You know sometimes you can really tell its a gluten free cake? How the texture is different? Like, super crumbly or nutty? Well this one is the complete opposite! Texture was like a dense pound cake which was moist and spongy. I tested this on my mum and she didn’t even know it was gluten free.


Gluten free marble log

Finally the meat pie… I have not had a meat pie for a few years now and have been jonesing for one recently. The time had finally come to satisfy that craving. After it was cooked, I pulled this little beauty…


Gluten free meat pie!

Unfortunately, it didn’t have the flakey top that I love but beggars can’t be choosers. The pastry was still good, a little like a crunchy short crust with a delicious filling. All the flavours were there and it really brought me back to when I used to eat these almost everyday when I was still at school. The mince was very fine so it didn’t seem like much in there and I’m not really sure what the gelatinous filling was but if the meat was chunkier, this would have been perfect.


Just before I devoured it, nom nom nom

I am dying to try the garlic bread so I will definitely be back very very soon!

***Originally published Jul 2013 on my previous blog***



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