La Boheme – Glebe

This restaurant has a special place in my heart as it is the place my boyfriend and I went for our first date. Recently it relocated from Balmain to the trendy suburb of Glebe. Here they do a mean pork knuckle and pork belly amongst a whole host of dishes from Germany and the surrounding countries. This is my boyfriend’s FAVOURITE restaurant. I’m pretty sure it is because they are very well versed in coeliac needs (they are a member of the Coeliac Society) and my boyfriend has never gotten sick here. We have tried a few things on the menu already but today we went at lunch so we ordered from the set menu which is pretty well priced. You get a main meal and dessert for around $30 and the menu has at least 10 items on it.

My boyfriend, as usual, ordered the pork knuckle. He absoultely LOVES it. The skin is ridiculously light and crispy (fatty too – if you like it) whilst the skin is soft, moist and tender. All the meat easily drops off the bone. It is served with a great sauerkraut and a salad, both of which are delicious. The sauerkraut is soft and not too acidic, very well balanced.

The pork knuckle

The pork knuckle

I ordered the duck (again! I guess we all have our own favourite dishes). Like the pork knuckle, the duck is fried to get a very very crispy and salty skin. I have to say the skin was amazing because I usually don’t pick at the bones but I was trying to get all the skin off this piece. I think this dish usually comes with dumplings, which are small fist sized dough balls with spinach or herbs mixed through it. They swapped it out for some really smooth and buttery mash potato. Again, this dish also comes with sauerkraut but from white and red cabbage. Both are delicious, but my boyfriend and I prefer the red one, it is more mellow and less acidic.

Delicious duck!

Delicious duck!

I ordered the chocolate mousse because it was the gluten free option (the other option is a really really good apple strudel). It’s like a very thick whipped cream, not like those aerated ones you get at the supermarket. It was chocolaty with a bit of coffee flavour and some raspberries for some acidity to cut through. I really enjoyed this dessert, it was rich but not too heavy. The only downside is that the glass narrows at the bottom and the spoon is too big to get all the goodness out! You will want to lick the glass clean!

Choc mousse

Choc mousse

This place maintains its amazing quality of food time and time again and that’s why we will always be regulars here at this restaurant. Amazing food, great service, great location and NO GLUTEN! We can’t ask for any more!


***Originally published Oct 2013 on my previous blog***


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