Lucky Tsotsi – Darlinghurst

A friend of mine has been absolutely raving about how good this place is and so we recently went there for her birthday. The restaurant is along Oxford St in Darlinghurst near Notre Dame university. It is a South African restaurant serving very very scrumptious comfort food. As we entered we were greeted warmly and directed upstairs where there were tables and a bar. The staff were warm and friendly and even though there was a bar they provided table service for drinks.

I had previously called them to confirm that they had gluten free options but I asked them to talk me through the menu anyway which happened to be almost completely gluten free. The only ones that were not were the sliders and the hot dogs because of the bread. They even told me that their chips were gluten free and they were cooked in clean gluten free oil so there was no chance of contamination. Just a disclaimer that I am no coeliac so I wouldn’t get symptoms if cross contamination did occur. Would really love to know if coeliacs have had any issues eating there!

We had a two South Africans with us and one is a regular customer who thinks the food is just as good as home (which really says a lot about the quality of this place). She claims she has tried almost everything on the menu! We turned to her for advice on what to pick. The menu is split up into small dishes to share, main meals, and MASSIVE meals. It featured spiced South African sausages (boerewors), peri-peri chicken and a few more unique items such as snails and liver.

A friend and I decided to share two meals so we can maximise tasting, so we picked a peri-peri half chicken with chips and the pap n’ wors. Unfortunately I didn’t take photos on the night but they have pictures of the meals we chose on their facebook.

The pap n’ wors came first and were three delicious spiced sausages with mielie-meal and a tomato-onion gravy. Mielie-meal is a course flour made from corn that is prepared in a similar manner to polenta. It is a staple in many nations in Africa and due to its plain flavour, it can be eaten sweet for breakfast or like mash potato for other main meals. The sausages were really nice, sort of like those gourmet sausages you would purchase from the butcher but not as salty or intense as chorizo. The sauce was also really good with the mielie-meal. The flavours were all there and complemented each other but unlike a lot of restaurants, it was not intense and full of salt. The plate didn’t look like a lot but after only half of the dish, I already felt satisfied.

Pap n' wors (from their facebook page)

Pap n’ wors (image from their facebook page)

The peri-peri chicken came next and I was REALLY looking forward to finally having some hot chips. The chicken was pretty charred but the meat was so tender and moist, even the chicken breast! We found the chicken quite spicy so if you can’t handle the heat, it might be best to steer clear of this one. One of our South African friends handed us some tomato sauce for our chips and he was saying that it is the best tomato sauce you would ever taste. He was pretty right. It was like the sweet tomato sauce you get from America or McDonalds. Chips were also so satisfying to have, nice and crispy exterior and fluffy interior.

Peri-peri chicken (image from their facebook page)

Peri-peri chicken (image from their facebook page)

We finished the night with some South African shots; the Springbok and the Sowetan long drop. The Springbok shooter is a mint liqueur with a milky one layered on top (similar to Baileys) and was a very good way to end the meal. The Sowetan long drop is a banana flavoured liqueur with a milky one layered over it and some liquid chocolated dropped into the bottom. How the Sowetan long drop (or Sowetan toilet) got its name, is that the liquid chocolate looks like bits of poo at the bottom of the toilet. Not the most pleasing image but so darn tasty!

The shooters!

The shooters!

I will be coming back again because the staff are so friendly and accomodating, the food is excellent and the shooters are delicious.

Here is their website for their menu if you are interested in checking it out:


***Originally published Aug 2013 on my previous blog***


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