Pages Cafe – West Ryde

Pages Cafe has been on my list to visit for a long time as it had rave reviews by a coeliac blogger. She wrote that they are very coeliac and cross-conmatination aware as the manager’s wife also has the condition. Not long after a Groupon voucher came out for breakfast for two at this cafe and I took it as a sign to visit! Pages cafe is located in Koorong Bookstore and opposite West Ryde Station. The place is well maintained, well lit and have plenty of seating outdoors next to the children’s playground.

The voucher was for two breakfasts and two drinks and we were surprised that we were not charged extra for having gluten free meals. I ordered the veggie breakfast (which isn’t gluten free) with a mocha. It was epically large and I struggled to finish it all! It came with wilted spinach, fried tomatoes, a perfectly poached egg, toasted sourdough bread and delicious fried halloumi cheese. To be honest, I only ordered this because halloumi cheese is my weakness… and it was totally worth it! Everything was delicious and I apologise for getting to the breakfast before I took a photo. In my defense I rode my bike to this place…

Half eaten veggie breakkie (Sorry!)

Half eaten veggie breakkie (Sorry!)

My boyfriend ordered a bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato toasted sandwich on gluten free bread with a flat white coffee. However, he got to it before I could get a photo in! I guess you would just have to trust him that it was yummo! He did follow up his breakfast with a slice of gluten free almond and berry cake which I was able to quickly snap a photo. It was a large moist slice topped with icing sugar and some strawberry sauce.

Almond and berry cake

Almond and berry cake

They have a lot of gluten free options at this place but unfortunately my boyfriend did feel a little sick later and we were not sure if there was some gluten contamination or it was something else that didn’t agree with his gut. It may have been the decorative sauce or icing sugar from the cake as we forgot to advise the server that he was a coeliac and just assumed they knew.


Another cool thing I found there was that they also do suspended coffees. If you haven’t heard of this yet, it means that you can essentially pre-pay someone else’s coffee. Someone who really needs a coffee and doesn’t have enough money can then go in and ask the counter if there are any suspended coffees available and get one if there is. I have heard many coffee places do this in America.


All in all, the meals here are delicious, good value for money and they have a large range of gluten free options just make sure you are very clear about being coeliac!


***Originally published Jul 2014 on my previous blog***



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