Roberto’s Cakes and Fine Foods – Rozelle

I regularly go past this bakery and I have always wanted to go in and check it out. I have tried the GF orange and almond meal cupcakes before and they were super super moist but to be honest I don’t like orange flavoured things so much. I was so keen to check out what other GF goodies they bake. Luckily my boyfriend wanted to go just before a road trip last week! He bought a box which can fit 9 cupcakes for around $35. I was a bit shocked at the price initially, but when I started to eat them I realised that the cupcakes are actually HUGE and for around $3.50 each its pretty good pricing for a GF cupcake!

On the corner of a very busy Victoria Road! (

I can’t remember all the flavours we picked but half of their selection were coconutty cupcakes. So if you are a coconut fanatic like my boyfriend you should go NOW!!! Here are the ones I do remember:

1. Red velvet: Very dense, moist and rich. They had a very nice cream cheese icing with super pretty red crystal sprinkles.
2. Banana caramel: So good! The caramel icing had a bit of cream cheese in it but honestly, the best cupcake to icing ratio EVER.
3. Sticky date: Bit dry compared to the other cupcakes but it probably needed to be heated a little. Unfortunately not much butterscotch to go with it. That said, they sell tubs of butterscotch sauce for $5!
4. Butterfly cupcake: Ooooo! I loved how light and fluffy this one was! The cream was also very light too!
5. Strawberry coconut: Pretty much a lovely vanilla cupcake with a sweet strawberry icing and dusted with some desiccated coconut.

The rest I didn’t try because my boyfriend ate them all (but honestly, its because I am not much of a fan of desiccated coconut). He assures me they were awesome and I’m missing out.

9 delicious cupcakes!

9 delicious cupcakes!

I had a snoop around as the lady was making a coffee and saw they also had quiches, rolls (not GF) and wraps (not GF) on display at the counter. In the freezer they had some GF frozen lasagne, spinach and riccotta ravioli and other pasta. There was quite a range of GF goodies here for both a sweet and savoury palate. Also, my boyfriend (he’s coeliac) didn’t get sick so they got cross contamination under wraps there (mind the pun).

For more infomation check out their website here:

Hope you enjoy the amazing GF treats the have on offer!


***Originally published Mar 2014 on my previous blog***


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