Review: Four Barrel Coffee

The last stop on the road trip around America in May was San Francisco. My boyfriend and I drove from Denver down to the Grand Canyon and back up the Californian coast. We decided to fly out from here so we could meet up a friend that came to Sydney for a short project last year. Also, there are direct flights from San Fran to Sydney (San Fran and LA are the only direct flights from Sydney that I know of). So for a month we have been having American style coffee which is a lot weaker than what we have here as drip coffee seems to be their thang.

We were just killing some time in Portola, San Fran and stumbled across this little cafe tucked away at the end of a dead end road. It’s called Four Barrel Coffee. You can check out their site here.


It was so different to all the Starbucks around. It was more like home! Think the coffee shops in Sydney and Melbourne. I ordered a decaf long black which fit in with my low salicylate diet whilst my boyfriend ordered an espresso, or maybe it was a double? I liked the coffee as it wasn’t as strong as the long blacks in Sydney but not as watery as Starbucks Americanos. I actually don’t drink that much coffee so I don’t know if it was “good” or not but that is subjective right? In addition to coffees they also served teas and toast with a variety of spreads from almond butter to cinnamon sugar.


Service here was friendly and vibe trendy. It seems to be a renovated warehouse and keeps up with trend of keeping things raw and industrial. We came near lunchtime and it was practically empty (unlike home!) so service was also prompt. The front of the cafe catches the sun so we decided to sit outside where some stools were set up. It was such a nice and warm day, actually bordering on hot! Was really the great way to end the trip. It got our taste buds ready for the coffee awaiting back in Sydney


Four Barrel Coffee, Portola is located at 2 Burrows Street, San Francisco. It opens 7am-4pm everyday.


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