Hi there, my name is Francesca and welcome to my blog, The Best Things In Life Are Gluten Free!

After a long haitus, I have decided to revive my blog as a way to help me keep track of the recipes I will make time and time again. A lot has changed since I first started this blog!

My gluten free journey…

began when I met my boyfriend in 2012. He has coeliac/celiac disease and I had to quickly learn about cross contamination, gluten containing foods and how to prepare gluten free cakes and meals. Since meeting him I have been researching new ingredients to work with, searching where to buy cheap gluten free alternatives and testing out new recipes.

I have been battling to control a skin condition called psoriasis, which is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes raised patches that are flaky. After years of tar and steroid creams and then UV therapy I tried looking to find if food was flaring up this condition. My journey really became personal when I started on the RPAH elimination diet that excludes dairy, gluten, preservatives, additives, colourings, amines, salicylates and glutamate. It was an extremely difficult time having to deal with relatively bland food, having major skin flare ups with testing and having little social life due to not being able to eat out. The diet did make a lot of difference as I don’t ever remember feeling so energetic and healthy with no signs of bloating. I also dropped kilos whilst eating as much as I wanted which was a plus as well. The strict diet revealed that I am sensitive everything tested so that’s dairy, soy, gluten, salicylates, amines and glutamate to varying degrees.

Now a few years after completing the strict diet I have returned to eating a more normal diet as my symptoms are relatively well controlled with oral medications. I now am aiming to eat more whole foods and restrict my intake of flavourings, spices, processed foods, soy, dairy and gluten. I hope to bring it more aligned with the elimination diet as I have yet to feel as healthy internally as I did during the strict regime. However, I generally follow a gluten-free diet to minimise risk to my partner, particularly at home.

About The Best Things In Life Are Gluten Free

I aim to post regularly gluten free recipes that we have enjoyed and use this blog as a way to keep track of recipes that I will use time and time again. My hope is that you can get ideas and inspiration to try new ways of preparing food depending on the dietary requirements you might have.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that I am not a coeliac and so I will not be able to comment on cross-contamination of foods I try when eating out. I can only report on how aware the staff are on the issue and the range of GF options available. I will do my best to advise if food is gluten contaminated via symptoms that my boyfriend, who is coeliac, experiences.


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